UI Particle System

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UI Particle System is advanced solution for 3D particles used in Unity GUI. With this plugin you will not need to worry about changing sorting orders, adding multiple canvases, etc. With it you can just add particles to GUI in few quick steps.
UI Particle System is also mobile friendly, its very efficient depth buffer makes it very cheap for performance.

-rendering particles on GUI, based on custom depth buffer
-full support for Shuriken Particle System (only what you need to change is shader)
-culling mask feature (so you can use particles in scroll views, etc.)
-easy to setup component-attach UI Particle system
-advanced, highly customizable particle shader
-support for Soft Particle blending with GUI
-available distortion effect for GUI

Perfect for:
-special effects of GUI elements like buttons or other interactable elements
-rewarding effects with complicated and advanced particles
-game card effects

-Unity GUI
-Canvas with Screen Space – Camera mode or World Space mode. System does not work without GUI camera set
-Standard (build-in) Rendering Pipeline or Universal Rendering Pipeline (HDRP is not supported yet)

Supported depth/culling sources:
-Image (GUI component)
-RawImage ((GUI component)
-just RectTransform with selected texture

Forum thread: https://goo.gl/9n9AEy
Find it at: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/gui/ui-particle-system-108285